Rowlin National Cricket Academy


The Rowlin National Cricket Academy was established in 1999 when two cricket personalities and professional coaches, namely Ian Smith and Owen Butler, the latter now in Australia, combined their cricketing expertise and many years’ experience as both players and coaches to create the Rowlin national Cricket Academy.

The academy is based in Boksburg and has eight batting surfaces, with a 20m bowling approach in four of the nets. We have changing rooms, administration offices, lecture areas and an outdoor fielding area. All latest coaching equipment in bowling machines, catch nets, etc. are on hand at all times.

The Rowlin National Cricket Academy has received the approval from Cricket South Africa coaching department as a professional cricket academy that is adding value to cricket in the region and that offers a dedicated coaching facility for all ages and includes the latest technical and theoretical approved information programmes.

We serve the geographical area of the East Rand and also attracting many cricketers from Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

The academy functions 12 months of the year and offers a comprehensive winter programme which includes technical coaching, theoretical lectures and match opportunities. Matches are played against other cricketing bodies of similar strength. We arrange local weekend cricket tours to mainly Rustenburg and Nelspruit of our age group teams.

The Rowlin National Cricket Academy has made cricketing friends in every country visited and will continue to extend our South African friendship.